Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board Support Professionals


Welcome to our local website.


This site was created to provide a means of easy access to information for our membership and also visitors from outside our local. Our Executive hopes you enjoy your visit and invite you to contact any of them if you have any questions or comments.


Remember, there's a you in union !

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President: Nora Shaughnessy

Email: president@cupelocal1453.com

Phone: (705) 875-4975


Vice President: Bryan Dafoe

Email: vicepresident@cupelocal1453.com

Phone: (705) 868-6844


Secretary-Treasurer: David McOuat

Email: secretarytreasurer@cupelocal1453.com

Phone: (905)440-5116


Recording Secretary/Communications: Angela Clarke

Email: recordingsecretary@cupelocal1453.com

Phone: (905) 435-6244



Clerical: David McOuat

Email: secretarytreasurer@cupelocal1453.com

Custodial: Clifford Wright

Email: wright.candk@gmail.com


Information Technology : Michael Kaszuba

Email: mkaszuba@nexicom.net


Library Support Specialists: Jennifer Cooke

Email: cookejenn1@gmail.com


Maintenance: Mike Shaughnessy

Email: shag3phaze@gmail.com


Registered Early Childhood Educator: Angela Clarke

Email: recordingsecretary@cupelocal1453.com


Paraprofessionals: Alicja Lech

Email: alicjakaweckalech@gmail.com


Student Services/Educational Assistant: Andrea Dunne

Email: aldunne@cogeco.ca



Angela Clarke

Email: recordingsecretary@cupelocal1453.com


Clifford Wright

Email: wright.candk@gmail.com

Mike Shaughnessy

Email: shag3phaze@gmail.com